We reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are nerds and brights, looking for knowledge and experience, as we cannot live without. We are known amongst those who knows.

FAFTECH is a personal project, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have been around for decades and have been working with computers since 1979.

Testing hosting on the Internet with modems around 1990, using Telix as dial-up and BBS as a service on Free-DOS and MS-DOS 5'1⁄4-inch "floppy disk" 360KB formatted. In those days we only had 14.4, 28.8, and 33.6 kbit/s modems. We have been at it since then and will continue to do so.

We do many things:

  • Build and fix Computers and Servers, Consoles and Mobiles
  • High-end Gaming Computers and Servers
  • Repair and replacement of damaged hardware
  • Development of simple websites and hosting
  • Remote-support - easy administration
  • Virtualization with XCP-ng, Proxmox, VMware
  • Containerization with Docker and Portainer
  • Backup Storage, like FreeNAS, S3, GDrive, etc
  • Security and firmwares for routers
  • Endpoint security and firewalls, like Untangle, PFsense, OPNsense, WRT
  • SBC, Embedded, Raspberry Pi, Media-Box, Hifi audio-players, IoT
  • Photography and calibration of equipment
  • Low-latency Audio streaming and streaming in general
  • Collaboration, Share of Knowledge, Open Source Minds
  • Endless research of everything important to the continuity of Consciousness ;)

Remember, this is a personal site :)

This site is fresh and under construction.


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