BARIX STL on Instreamer 100

Barix Feb 22, 2020

Well we are exciting to inform that you can actually install Barix STL firmware on a simple Instreamer 100 and use it as a Studio Transmission Link :) .-. Our Instreamers are from 2008 and we will attempt to install STL firmware on them.

Here is a diagram of the STL firmware description from the Barix site.

We have an Exstreamer running at our transmitter-site, it has been rock-solid since 2008 and it's still performing as intended. These small devices are build as tanks as they can handle high temperatures variations in an uncontrolled environment, temperatures down below freezing in the winter and above 30' Celsius in the summer. They have not let us down at all since the installation in 2008 and have been running without issues for +11 years and that in itself is simply amazing!.. Bravo Barix, you should get the credit you deserve. We have a harsh environment and the Exstreamer has performed perfectly which pretty much indicate military grade components.

ONSITE: 2008-2020 - 24/7/365 / -10' C ~ +35' C :)

I will post our progress later after the initial tests.

Stay tuned!


Flemming Frederiksen

Currently focusing on building microservices and provide a low-latency Radio Broadcasting Network. We also do extensive remote-support, run gameservers, devs. This is a personal site for personal use.

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