Body Frequencies & body rhythms

Solution May 13, 2022
The Holy Grail of Life!

We can consciously utilize fractal-technology to balance the body and achieve a better immune system. We can reverse adverse conditions if we care enough to find out how.

Learn the science and rejoice as we step into the new frontier in medicine

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FlameinSounds Body Frequencies for:

Welcome to powered by with Dan Winter and Patrick Botte
Announcing new QUANTAPHI!!
Theraphi™ - Phi* Therapy with Theraphi
Theraphi plasma light technology increases your metabolic rate for relief from pain, for longevity and for rejuvenation.

PhiVIBES is an easy way to get the frequencies inside the body. It uses the same method as other vibrational-devices do, through vibration inducing mechanisms. All devices listed here are beneficial and recommended for creating negentropic conditions.

QuantaPhi is a new iteration of the TheraPhi device, but less expensive and less powerful. QuantaPhi also has a line-in for an external modulation, in this way you can use your own material for the input. This is a very promising device, which I will cover more in detail when I get to test the device.

PlasmaPhire is another great entry level to learn about what plasma really is. PlasmaPhire is the designed by Patrick Botte and Dan Winter, together they surely create wonders of the world and this is just another good project of theirs.

The PlasmaPhire set consists of two devices which works as a pair. They are battery driven and portable and can be brought to a favorite sacred-spot in nature, like meditating learned up against an old wise tree and recharging by the combination of the plasma-light coherency and the power of the tree surrounding you simultaneously. It is like a portable sacred-space for enhanced meditation in nature and in your living-room.

TheraPhi is the big-brother of them all and most powerful. It is used in 25 countries in healing-centers, agriculture, greenhouses and in places which needs more power. TheraPhi is the crown-jewel of healing devices on earth today. Perfection as it should be.

The possibilities are many and surely not to be missed. To finish Priori's work is a miracle, and these frequencies can be used in many applications. To finally perfect the frequencies is a blessing from Dan Winter, who one day found a way to use Planck's equations to solve the problem. Simply an amazing feat!

More about body frequencies and body rhythms

Body Frequencies PART 1 - Patrick Botte & Dan Winter CONFERENCE - Fractalfield 2019

How external frequencies generators (Plasma devices & vibrating devices) can enter in interaction with body frequencies and body rhythms

Body Frequencies PART 2 - Patrick Botte & Dan Winter CONFERENCE - Fractalfield 2019
‎Patrick Botte Apps on the App Store
‎Download apps by Patrick Botte, including iTHRVE stress management, iTHRVE chakra, iTHRVE and many more.

Corona Frequencies Theory

Coronavirus - A Novel Perspective with Proof - Sound Health
Coronavirus – A Novel Perspective with Proof Evidence provides countervailing options to this Virus that can help define infection and potential cure. This paper reveals the steps that were taken to reveal the math-based formulations of the root cause and...

To enhance your immune system with sound helps you in every aspect of life, as the root cause of your ailments are to be found in your environment if it is not conducive to life.

Get Fractal or Die!

The Imploder

You can surely enhance your life with these technologies, but you also need an “Imploder” for your water. This is even more important as a necessity for the other vibrational devices to do their job as described, as we need to hydrate the tissue with pure clean happy water so that our plasma-field can become coherent and “implosive” with the environment.

The Imploder - the easy way to get happy water.

Discover the Benefits of Imploder Technology | The Imploder

The QuantaPhi - the easier way to wellness.

Quantaphi | THERAPHI
The QuantaphiTM is the latest development from the creators of the Theraphi. The Theraphi is well known around the world and recognized as the most advanced Plasma Wave therapy device. Phi-ratio-harmonic-cascade-induced longitudinal plasma waves and their resultant superluminal phase-conjugate (time…

Remove all that is bad, add all that is good, and you have achieved success in life.


Flemming Frederiksen

"Being phase conjugate by golden ratio to the key signature of the vacuum IS negentropy… and LIFE!" - Dan Winter

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