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Health Feb 6, 2023

Episode 368: He Just Received An "All Clear" Scan After Having Brain Cancer

When Gino DeRos was just 6 years old he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which surgeons removed. Fast forward 27 years and he is diagnosed again with a brain tumor in the same location. In addition, he also had central nervous system cancer. His life was spiralling downward as a result of his health, and the use of numerous pharmaceuticals, but when he started taking cannabis oil he got his life back. Listen to Gino and his wife Arielle talk about the ups and downs of their journey.

Episode 370: He Was Told He Would Die Unless He Had His Cancerous Thyroid Removed—He Refused

When he was told he had thyroid cancer, the doctor told him he would die if he didn't have it removed and undergo conventional treatment. But Myles Critchley of the UK refused and took his health into his own hands. Changing his diet, he lost more than half his body weight—which eliminated his type 2 diabetes—and he started taking cannabis oil. Six months later he was declared cancer free. What an incredibly inspirational story!

Episode 356: Her Brain Tumor Is Gone And She's Cancer Free!

When she was diagnosed with brain cancer in the summer of 2017, Sheriann Baker of Toronto opted for surgery to remove the tumor. But the surgeons could not get it all and had to leave 3 percent. When she refused chemo and radiation, she was told she had roughly two years to live. But Sheriann had other ideas. She started taking cannabis oil, changed her diet, and is now cancer free—5 years later.

Episode 365: Documentary Filmmaker Clears His Stage 3 Skin Cancer With Cannabis

After his Stage 3 Melanoma skin cancer diagnosis in 2014, Kim Saltarski of Toronto turned to medical cannabis, acupuncture and dietary changes to kick cancer's ass. Kim is the director/producer of the new documentary series THC—The Healing Conversations. He uses his filmmaking skills to tell similar stories of healing. His first documentary in this series is the story of Cannabis Health Radio co-host Corrie Yelland. To see Corrie's full documentary on YouTube visit

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