Dielectric Induction producing Ground Currents

Dielectric induction is the counterpart of magnetic induction.
Instead of using changing magnetic currents, Dielectric induction uses changing voltages. This induction principle is barely used in today's technology, except for making capacitors work.

I show how it works with experiments and explain into depth what is needed for Dielectric induction.

Dielectric induction has no Lenz law, which is only related to magnetic induction.
With dielectric induction, based on current impulses, the Earth ground supplies electric energy into the resonant system.

00:00 - Intro
04:18 - the coil capacitor
09:52 - the current impulse generation circuit section
15:28 - setup of the first experiment
19:26 - recap of experiment one
21:18 - adding the coil capacitor to the circuit
22:47 - The second experiment
27:12 - harmonic tuning
30:06 - small recap
30:56 - setup of the second experiment
35:15 - L2 is series AND parallel resonant with c1 and c2
35:31 - C3 added to L3 in parallel
37:17 - anomaly
39:26 - ground currents
41:45 - current probing earth ground
42:39 - conclusion
44:08 - outro

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