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Remoteadministration Mar 21, 2020

Google and Connectwise offers free software for remote administration.

Google Remote Desktop:

Free Remote Access & Support Software | ConnectWise Control
Get the best remote support software at no cost with ConnectWise Control Free! It’s the perfect remote support solution for you. Start your free account now.

I previously wrote about MeshCentral, which currently does not support OSX, so we have to look around for other solutions, hence Google and ConnectWise.

Google looks pretty cool and has the potential to be the new goto, also the free version from Connectwise is a solution which just works and it has been tested in the wild by pros. I know of a few more solutions but they are not that polished as these free ones. The most important thing is that these are completely free to use and you do not have to pay anything for something that you not use that often and they are of course "secure" or as can be, as we all know that total security is an illusion.

Tom from Lawrence Systems (US) has made a couple of introductions which you might find interesting.

Connectwise Control Free License for Remote Support

Free Remote Control With Chrome Remote Desktop 2020

List of Free Software and Services To Help Remote Working During Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

The last video is a compilation or summary from Tom, though not much new under the sun there. It is really an attempt to provide free services during these hard time we go through now, everything helps so to say, to stay home and isolate yourself from the damn Covid virus.

It is really not that difficult to do remote administration now-a-days, so there is no excuse that you cannot help your grandmother with her PC problems...while you can :)


Flemming Frederiksen

Currently focusing on building microservices and provide a low-latency Radio Broadcasting Network. We also do extensive remote-support, run gameservers, devs. This is a personal site for personal use.

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