Garden Electroculture History 1780- Present

Seems that Electroculture has been used and improved by farmers and gardeners for hundreds of years until "Science" convinces them that it is unprofitable, unreliable or just plain dangerous, Then it gets 'forgotten' about for a few generations until it surfaces again. Now is that time.

This is the first in a series of practical videos showing you how you can increase and even DOUBLE your harvests in the garden

Electroculture has a documented history of over 300 years. Scientists have struggled to explain the mechanism behind it's efficacy. Gardeners working with E.C. enjoy massive boosts in production without fertilizers, pesticides or manures. E.C. seems to simply 'wake up' plants to their true potential by delivering to them, the etheric energies that they need. The energies that our increasing techno-soup has blocked. We have all seen old photos of gardeners proudly displaying massive vegetables.- something has sure changed.

Electroculture Life | Copper Antennas & Primary Water
Electroculture is a simple method of applying atmospheric electricity to significantly increase plant growth. Using basic materials like copper wire (and/or magnets) to vitalize the soil and increase yields by 100% - 200%. It also eliminates the need for fertilizer and pesticides.