Planet Fungi safari in remote northeast India

In the ultimate armchair travel adventure, the hero of fungi lovers across the globe, photographer Stephen Axford, is on the hunt for the answers we all want to know.

What fungi are edible?
What fungi are poisonous?
And, why do scientists now think fungi are absolutely essential to life on this planet?

“Without fungi there would be no forests”
— Stephen Axford, Photographer & Presenter

In their Planet Fungi documentaries Stephen (presenter) and Catherine (writer, cinematographer, director) share the beauty and science of the Kingdom of Fungi. They document mushrooms in some of the most remote forests across the planet.

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About Stephen
Stephen's images of mushrooms have featured in leading science and nature magazines across the globe, and his time-lapses of fungi growing are in many documentaries including Planet earth 2, Fantastic Fungi, Hostile Planet, Our Planet and The Kingdom; how fungi made the earth. He even has a mushroom named after him – Panaeolus axfordii. He has been invited to document the fungi in Nepal, India, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Mexico and Chile, and of course it is a constant obsession in the fungi hotspots of Tasmania, the NSW north coast and southern Queensland in Australia. He is a Sony Australia ambassador.

About Catherine
Catherine has had a successful international career as a documentary director and cinematographer and as an ABC Features Reporter. Credits include ‘Steel City’, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the ‘Life Series’, ‘Hospital-an unhealthy business, ‘Dino Stampede’, ‘Babe in the Reeds’ and 'Beyond the Royal Veil'. Over the past decade. She was a Finalist in the Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism in 2019 for her work on the documentary project 'Leagueability'.