Science of Implosion in Water & Hydrogen, Dan Winter & Eva Pascual -WORLD WATER GATHERING

Science of Implosion in Water & Hydrogen with Dan Winter interview by Eva Pascual: host and awareness adviser in #worldwaterday2021 global events.
Come to share efficient solutions based in realistic perception. Get inspired to explore the substance that makes life thrive. Please increase your faith in humanity, listening to evolutionaries ensuring a healthy future immersed in water. Investigating water deeply to perceive: - Frequencies as the standard. - Bliss. - Life force. - The holographic structure of reality. - How to time travel. - Eternity. - #intelligenceanalysis. - #consciousnessshift. - #naturebasedsolutions. And,... the game of life blooming. From early in the morning giving voice to a swarm of wise elders. Indigenous communities connecting all over the spherical spaceship we inhabit. Listen to the ones taking care of the 85% of the biosphere, writing the present future with geniuses and #scientists like; Gerald Pollack, Dan Winter 9 AM CET Georg Gaupp-Berghausen 2PM CET, Doreya Karim 4PM CET. Ensuring a happy life by merging new physics & ancient technologies. Leaving a healthy legacy. If you work for water, let me support you. Please fill this form. Love to Water. She makes all.

Quantaphi | THERAPHI
The QuantaphiTM is the latest development from the creators of the Theraphi. The Theraphi is well known around the world and recognized as the most advanced Plasma Wave therapy device. Phi-ratio-harmonic-cascade-induced longitudinal plasma waves and their resultant superluminal phase-conjugate (time…
Announcing the New ULTRA IMPLODER
SUPERIMPLODER: Magnetic Water Treatment IS Proven Effective: More Evidence
SUPERIMPLODER: Magnetic Water Treatment IS Proven Effective: More Evidence