Theraphi & Living Plasma: Measure Life Force, Rife, Naesens, Bechamp Negentropic Healing Frequencies

Solution May 14, 2022

From Dan Winters YouTube description:

Theraphi & Living Plasma: Measuring Life Force,
Rife, Naessens, Bechamp (Somatids/Microzyma)-History of Negentropy in Healing Frequencies
with  Dan Winter-  4th lecture series with Generation ZED,  Lecture Notes:
Theraphi physics:
Microscopy first slides:
Embedding/Fractality of Cancer Membrane:
4 Gaston Naessens articles:
“LAWS OF FORM” used simple google images search (nesting/calculus)
Good Rife summary (originally French):    (used Chrome auto translate)
Comparing Gaston Naessens (“Gallileo of Microscope”) with Bechamp :
Bearden's deep analysis of RIFE:

FAFTECH: You really have to understand that this is a breakthrough in medical science, and now we can all use it. We don't have to rely on external sources for our wellbeing, we can fix most ourselves and stay healthy.

I vote for crowdsourcing THERAPHI centers all around Copenhagen, and the world, to minimize the electrosmog pollution and to regenerate the air and water. We can make the city more beautiful this way and create a more healthy environment for its citizens.

What about growing really healthy food, as it was meant to be?

Listen and learn!

Quantaphi | THERAPHI
The QuantaphiTM is the latest development from the creators of the Theraphi. The Theraphi is well known around the world and recognized as the most advanced Plasma Wave therapy device. Phi-ratio-harmonic-cascade-induced longitudinal plasma waves and their resultant superluminal phase-conjugate (time…


Flemming Frederiksen

"Being phase conjugate by golden ratio to the key signature of the vacuum IS negentropy… and LIFE!" - Dan Winter

| Planck x PHI ^ Integer N |