Covid19 Jul 24, 2021

This is the treatment against the toxic damage done by Graphene-Oxide!


By now most know that NO virus (including SARS-CoV-2) has EVER been isolated, purified, and/or scientifically verified/proven to exist. Breaking news of the first and only known study (University of Almería) to have successfully acquired & examined a vial of the COVID "vaccine" have discovered that it contains 98% - 99% Graphene Oxide- a toxic poisonous chemical... With that information Biostatistician, Ricardo Delgado and his team of scientists at La Quinta Columna have concluded that the symptoms of “COVID-19” are, in fact the symptoms of Graphene Oxide poisoning and that the Graphene Oxide nanoparticles discovered in the Pfizer vials by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid at the University of Almería are also found in surgical masks, PCR tests, antigen tests, and the flu shots after 2019. (Thanks to Orwell.city for the English subtitles)

Last March videos surfaced of Graphene Oxide found in testing swabs used in both the PCR and the antigen tests, as well as in all flu shots after 2019, which La Quinta Columna have now undoubtedly verified. In other words, everyone using Chinese surgical masks and taking COVID tests have been getting inundated with Graphene Oxide nanoparticles – not just those who took the shots! These findings are the result of analyses by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used at various public universities in Spain.

La Quinta Columna has also confirmed that all of the major COVID vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc. also contain considerable doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

Graphene Oxide is a poison that coagulates the blood, causes blood clots, and alters the immune system by disrupting the oxidative balance in the body’s glutathione reserves. If the dose of Graphene Oxide is increased by any route it provokes immune system collapse, and a subsequent cytokine storm. Graphene Oxide can accumulate in the lungs, and cause Bilateral Pneumonia by means of it's uniform dissemination in the pulmonary alveolar tract. Graphene Oxide can also causes a metallic taste in the mouth, and inhalation causes inflammation of the mucous membranes, resulting in the loss of taste and partial or complete loss of smell.

Graphene Oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the body. This explains the magnetic phenomenon that millions of people around the world have been experiencing, after various routes of administration of Graphene Oxide, of which the "vaccine" is but one. In short, Graphene Oxide is the alleged SARS-CoV-2, the “novel coronavirus” that supposedly caused the disease known as COVID-19. This is the real reason why we’ve never had real isolation & purification of the the novel coronavirus!

This video also mentions that NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), an antioxidant food supplement that is a precursor to glutathione, which counters the toxic effects of Graphene Oxide and has also shown to cure “COVID” in scientific studies. Glutathione levels are very high in children; therefore, “COVID” has hardly any impact on them. But, after the age of 65 Glutathione levels drop considerably, which is why “COVID” is more prevalent in the older demographic.

Graphene Oxide is particularly tuned to absorb electronic frequencies in the same bandwidth as the 5G network, which excites & oxidizes this material very rapidly; this has the effect of attacking our bodies’ natural antioxidant glutathione reserves. La Quinta Columna estimates that tens of thousands of people will die every day, in Spain alone when the government implements the switch to 5G technology.

The body has a natural capacity to eliminate Graphene Oxide, this is why they are recommending multiple booster shots every year, and why the push to ban NAC.

Blessings to ALL who helped bring this ground breaking information to light!


N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
Vit. D3 & E
Milk Thistle
Sulfur: Fulvic/Humic Acid & Cruciferous veggies


Flemming Frederiksen

Currently focusing on doing extensive research! Trying to prevent a disaster, though no-one seems to know about the coming dangers facing our society. Do your own research, find out for yourself.