Welcome to FAFTECH

Welcome Feb 18, 2020

We have just installed GHOST and is working on it :)

We are currently developing microservices for low-latency streaming and collaboration, using div; GStreamer, Web-Conferencing (WebRTC), Remote-Administration (WebSocket/WebRTC-Data), 'VPN' (WireGuard/ZEROtier), Automation (Watchtower/CRON/BASH).

Today's research 18022020: AES67, RTP, Proxy, Latency, WebRTC, Radioman YT.


Traefik, The Cloud Native Edge Router | Containous
Traefik is the leading open-source reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP and TCP-based applications that is easy, dynamic and full-featured.

Flemming Frederiksen

Currently focusing on building microservices and provide a low-latency Radio Broadcasting Network. We also do extensive remote-support, run gameservers, devs. This is a personal site for personal use.